White chocolate panna cotta

the Chocolats Favoris way

This original Italian dessert is light, fluffy and so delizioso! It’s also perfect to try out our creamy white chocolate shavings. Buon appetito!


4 parts: 

  • 85 ml of fresh water
  • 1 pack of gelatin
  • 250 ml of 35% cream
  • 250 ml of milk
  • 80 ml of sugar
  • 2 ml of vanilla extract 
  • 175 ml of white chocolat curls by Chocolats Favoris available in all ou chocolate shops
  • Fresh fruits coulis


  • Soak the gelatin leaves in a little cold water until soft
  • Meanwhile, heat the milk and the cream until it boil
  • Place the milk and cream into a pan and bring to a simmer
  • Pour out from the heating source and add the gelantin and the sugar as well whil mixing
  • Add the vanilla and stir
  • Pour the hot mix over the white chocolate 
  • Stir the mix until all the chocolate has dissolved
  • Pour the final mix into little glass 
  • Refrigerate for 4 hours
  • Top with some fresh fruits coulis of you choice and with white chocolate curls
  • Enjoy