Once upon a time in

an artisanal chocolate shop


We opened our little artisanal shop that made traditionally crafted chocolate on in Lauzon, located on the south shore of Québec City. In those days, the shop specialized primarily in making chocolate for Easter. Gradually, as time passed, our artisans started to develop more and more products, using European knowledge and expertise as their inspiration for making chocolate that was more to the taste of people here. Having started out as simple chocolate makers, we have now become master chocolatiers and a recognized leader in the world of chocolate gastronomy.


years later


Chocolats Favoris moved to rue Bégin, located in Lévis, and launched a revolutionary and exclusive new product: ice cream dipped in real chocolate! Chocolats Favoris and its secret chocolate recipe catapulted the company’s reputation as one of summer’s most eagerly awaited treats. People from all over the region visited the shop to enjoy its chocolatey delights.

and the

success continued


We opened our first subsidiary in Québec City, in the Le Trait-Carré neighborhood of Charlesbourg in 2006, and then another in Cap-Rouge in 2011.

Conquering the

world of chocolate


Chocolats Favoris continued to reinvent the traditional concept of a chocolate shop. We developed a magical new concept of stores that offered a spectacular 12 varieties of real chocolate to dip ice cream in or even take home for a delicious chocolate fondue! Chocolate fondue in a can—our star product—was born! Easy to use and irresistibly good to eat, our fondues are perfect for dessert or as gifts!

What started off as an artisanal chocolate shop in Lévis has become a network of awe-inspiring chocolate stores across Canada—and soon all around the world!

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