Creamy coffee

Milk chocolate

Latte per favore! Now that’s an expression you wouldn’t hear as much on the café terraces of Venice, if the Italians were acquainted with our chocolate version of their delicious milky coffee. I may be somewhat bold and strong, but I can still seduce with astonishing subtlety when so inclined. My irresistible espresso fragrance is sure to take you straight to seventh heaven.

Offer a unique fondue to your loved ones : your flavor, your theme, your photo, your message!
Per fondue
Instructions for
  • 1
    Put the closed can in a pan of boiling water
  • 2
    Leave for 20 minutes*
  • 3
    Open & enjoy
* First, read the instructions on the label. The fondue can must be submerged in boiling water for 15 minutes for 215 g fondues, 20 minutes for fondues made with milk chocolate, and 25 minutes for fondues make with dark chocolate. Because water evaporates when boiling, make sure you use a big enough pot and add enough water so that it covers the can. Be careful! The can must never come into direct contact with the stove or boiled in a pot without enough water. This can cause the can to burst open and injure someone. Do not heat the can in a microwave, BBQ, stovetop or fire either.