A brand new summer menu


Our delicious Dessert Bowls

Our master chocolatiers have reinvented the classics to create products that are filled with flavours and top quality ingredients:

  • - Ultimate Brownie: warm and soft brownies, ice cream, our Classic Milk chocolate, crunchy cookies and pancakes, whipped cream. 
  • - Angelic Fruits: angel food cake, strawberries, blueberries, ice cream, coconut espuma (coconut foam), raspberry and maple coulis and crisps.
  • - Marvellous Waffle: comforting waffle bites, ice cream, espuma, raspberry and maple coulis and crisps.
  • - Banana Bonanza: oven-baked bananas, our Classic Milk chocolate, ice cream, strawberry and caramel coulis, espuma, banana and strawberry crisps.
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Frozen bars

Fruity, chocolatey or creamy, our Frozen Bars offer you endless flavours! To be enjoyed alone, dipped in our famous chocolate without added oil or in a Kooky version (with chocolate and toppings).

Among our large selection, you can enjoy several vegan options! Sorbets, gelato, frozen yogurt, anything is possible!

Up to 14 flavours available, including watermelon & mint, raspberry, mango, pistachio, vanilla soya and chocolate soya.

* Product availability may vary.

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Raspberry Sorbet

No one can resist our Raspberry Sorbet! A vegan option with a smooth texture and an exquisite taste, made with real raspberries. PLUS: it is possible to dip it in chocolate. The perfect way to celebrate summer!

Fat-free, dairy-free, no colours or flavours added.



twelve flavors to discover

Introducing the magic ingredient that transforms ordinary ice cream into an irresistible duo. Our famous dippings made with real chocolate are available in 12 distinct flavours—all featuring ooey gooey goodness. Every time you visit our creameries, try out a new flavour to spice up your experience!

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The real chocolate dipped ice cream cone!